baekchen's actions don't always match their words. or: the clingy codependent boyfriends who don't realize they are clingy codependent boyfriends. (….or do they~?)

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abc's of kim jongdae - [b] baekchen

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Chen giving his prize to baekhyun as thank you gift 

on a non-kpop related note, game of thrones is back on! Though it’s not that much of a thrill when you have read the books, but it’s still nice to be able to connect with my babies again (and on screen!)


  •  i'm gonna take selfcas with hd cameras and post it online
  •  i'm gonna take photos of my members and edit them
  •  i'm gonna make edits of me x mymembers 24/7
  •  i'm gonna follow my fans and secretly send them request to make edits of me
  •  i'm gonna take videos of me doing whatever in HD to make gifs
  •  i'm gonna roleplay as myself
  •  i'm gonna reveal that i have a tumblr on varieties shows yet not telling anybody my url

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exo + chorus


More people should watch Chihayafuru because:

  • Female lead who’s passionate about becoming the best 
  • Insight in an intense Japanese sport
  • Male characters with depth, backstory and allowed to emote
  • Romantic subplot that DOES NOT obstruct the story’s flow (tbh barely gets any focus, just here and there)
  • Basically a contender for any other sports shounen
  • Is fundamentally a story about passion, friendship, bonds and constant learning to achieve dreams
  • Just please go watch Chihayafuru